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Baruch Inbar is an accomplished, award winning visionary artist, creative strategist, director, producer, writer, designer and a published children's books author from Northern California.


Baruch’s visionary re-interpretation of the classic children's novel, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS -- attracted Disney’s attention, beginning his creative partnership with the company. Baruch's re-envisioned characters, dramatic landscapes and innovative treatment of the classic story were the genesis of the computer-generated feature film now set up at FOX 2000 with a $150 million budget. 

For the past years and most currently, Baruch has been busy creating his own media properties, and consulting to other companies including Fortune500 companies such as: Sony, Disney, Coca Cola, Diesel, NIKE, Walmart, Lenny Kravitz, AT&T, Lisa Frank and others, individual entrepreneurs and start ups, where he had been involved in the development of numerous entertainment and media projects: animation, film, apps & games, toys games and theme parks. He published two children books (both authored and illustrated): 'SNURTLE', 'THOR THE POLAR BOAR', 'DJ BEAR' and 'TREE STAR', and contributed the artwork for the graphic novel 'BALACLAVA JUNCTION'.

Baruch's  fields of services include:

• Creative strategy

• Art Direction
• Film and animation Direction
• Writing
• Illustration
• Character Design
• App & Games development
• Concept Art & Pre-Viz
• Advertising
• Brand and Identity Development
• Communication Design
• Theme park design
• Toy design

podcast interview with Baruch inbar

Check out Baruch Inbar's interview to the Red Clover Reader platform, which features children book authors from across the country. Their focus is to feature authors who strive to make a positive impact on children through their storytelling, and it is truly a great honor to be featured on their platform.


VIDEO interview


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