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THOR is a very unusual and curious boar, who happens to dislike mud and dirt. Unlike his family and friends, Thor prefers to spend his time doing things that other boars usually don’t do, such as reading books and exploring the stars! Thor thinks that boars should stop being so messy and crude, and that they should evolve. But no one listens to him...One day Thor finds out about the pristine white animals who live in the North Pole, and so he embarks on an adventure to join them. Can a little boar survive in the cold North Pole? Will he find what he’s looking for? Throughout an epic adventure filled with magic, wisdom and wonder, Thor discovers some amazing things about himself and about the world, things that you too will discover once you read the book. 

Dr. Seuss meets Disney in a colorful, epic and whimsical story of an adventurous young boar who embarks on a grand journey to the NORTH POLE.


The acclaimed book by author and award winning artist, Baruch Inbar, tells the whimsical and highly entertaining story of THOR, a young boar who felt from a very young age that he does not belong to the muck and mud into which he was born among the other boars, and so he embarks on a grand adventure to the NORTH POLE, where he feels he would be much better off living in the pristine snowy setting along with all the white coated majestic animals.


Beautifully illustrated and written in lighthearted easy to read rhymes, THOR THE POLAR BOAR tells an uplifting and engaging story about courage, self-reliance and our relationship with our family and community. The story of THOR THE POLAR BOAR inspires our young readers to embrace their own wants and desires in life and also cultivate the self-assurance and confidence that they can indeed safely explore our world and it’s many marvelous wonders in confidence and joy, while making a positive impact on their families and communities.


In our current modern times and more than ever before, as children face issues such as fear, insecurity, lack of self-esteem and uncertainty, our story offers our young readers a hopeful and positive outlook on their future so they can explore our magical world, thrive and live fulfilling and happy lives. 


THOR THE POLAR BOAR portrays a fresh and entertaining fable on relevant social issues in a way that leaves our young readers highly encouraged, empowered and very inspired.

My Story


Baruch Inbar is an accomplished, award winning visionary artist, illustrator, animator, writer, designer and a published children’s books author from Mount Shasta, Northern California. 

In addition to creating his own media properties, he has been consulting to individuals and companies, where he has been involved in the development of numerous entertainment and media projects: animation, film, apps, toys, games and books. 


He published THREE children’s books which he both authored and illustrated, available on AMAZON: ‘SNURTLE and ‘THOR THE POLAR BOAR’ and 'DJ BEAR'.


He co-authored and illustrated the book ‘TREE STAR’, and illustrated the book (in Hebrew) ‘STAR HEART’. His website is:


Besides his art and media projects, Baruch co-directs with his wife the BLESS THE CHILDREN PROJECT, an organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring disadvantaged children in the fields of arts, creativity and sustainability. Visit their website at:

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