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HOW TO SECURE $20 MILLION IN 6 MINUTES (with a video to prove it)

Yep, you read it right. $20 million in 6 minutes. Sounds like a scam? Read through and you will see the video proof with your own eyes.

But before I get to the details, let me ask you a question: did you ever pitch a business idea to investors? Most probably you have done it at least once or twice in your career.

Were you successful? I hope you were. Most investor pitches actually fail, but not all.

There are plenty of references out there on how to make your investors pitch a winner, and I am less inclined on the technicalities of what makes an investor pitch a successful one.

Sure, the value you offer your investors for their money, the return of investment (ROI) and the finesse of your pitch deck and your presentation are all essential ingredients. No doubt about that.

I helped many clients to achieve their goals in creating the most stunning and powerful pitch decks, ranging for product ideas, technology, entertainment & media properties, intellectual properties, charities and much more.

But throughout the years, I came to realize more and more of the most important ingredient when pitching to investors.

That ingredient is a HUMAN CONNECTION. Most often, people who seek funding neglect remembering the fact that they are actually meeting other humans, not just “investors”.

It may sound like an obvious fact, but based on the very low success rates of investor pitches (according to one source: one out of four hundred) – it makes one ponder of the true key secret behind a successful pitch.

Look at these stats: the average time of an investor pitch is 6 minutes, and the time usually an investor will bother to look at your deck is up to 4 minutes.

So in average, you only have TWO MINUTES to make a direct contact and make an i

mpression on another human being.

So, how do you do that?

Let me go back to the story I was about to share with you at the beginning. This is amazing the story of Mr. Rogers.

In 1969, Mr. Rogers gave an emotional plea to a Senate Subcommittee. Nixon was trying to cut funding for PBS. Mr. Rogers was trying to save it. His pitch (link below) is one of most incredible examples and proven case studies that remind us just how powerful a human connection truly is – no matter who you encounter.

Somehow using nothing but a few minutes of gentle words and a heart connection with a fellow human, Mr. Rogers was able to secure $20 million for his daily program for children, and it took him 6 minutes and no pitch decks.

The transition of the committee’s chairman from skeptical and dismissive at the beginning to having an attitude of outright admiration at the end is beautiful to behold. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when simple kindness and the happiness of others is your goal.

When your pitch is about making our world a better and happier place, and you communicate that to other human beings with sincerity and authenticity, it is very likely that you will enroll them in that possibility, and will inspire then to open their hearts (and check books) to fund you.

Please watch and be inspired:

Sincerely yours,

Baruch “I am here to make our world a better place” Inbar.

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