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NARWHAL SONG - My animated feature, Part 1

NARWHAL SONG is a very dear animated project of mine, on which I’ve been working for few years now. I’ve recently completed the screenplay, preliminary concept art and preliminary character designs, including physical maquettes.

It is an epic tale of a boy named Lars who builds an army of wooden Vikings to battle an evil toy maker who threatens to destroy his town and take over the world.

A central character in this story is the NARWHAL, which serves as a bridge between reality and fantasy and guides Lars on his mission.

Behind this epic tale I have a personal story which inspired me to write it. In the film, Lars, the protagonist is a very poor boy who makes a living by selling firewood in a cold Nordic fishing town. In his spare time he carves out of wood his favorite toy figurines, as his mom can not afford to buy him any toys.

In real life, I experienced something very similar as a young boy. My family immigrated from the former Soviet Union to Israel when I was 6 years of age. Our first few years were poverty stricken, and my family couldn’t afford to buy me any toys, so I would make my own.

Without getting too deep into the story right now (more posts to follow) the ability of the protagonist to use his imagination is what helps him to overcome all the obstacles and dangerous adventure he went through, and become victorious.

But there is much more in this epic story, so stay tuned.

But there is much more in this epic story, so stay tuned.

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