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Why should we care to inspire CHILDREN to care for our planet?

When I was a child, I remember watching a TV program that showed a very negative future for our planet. It depicted catastrophic events, chaos and total annihilation of the human race. That made me very sad and worried about our future as a race, and right there and then I made the decision to do whatever I personally can to care for our planet and prevent such horrific future.

Not too long after that program, I saw another program which presented a completely different and VERY positive outlook of our planet and the future: it showed a thriving human race, amazing technologies, clean and balanced eco-systems, abundant nature and thriving life forms. That program totally uplifted me, made me very hopeful and optimistic about the future, and encouraged me to go in that positive direction.

These two programs were pivotal and life changing experiences for me as a child, because it made me realize how two probable futures are so real and possible at the same time, and it also made me realize that it is up to us, HUMANS in which path it will go, based on our current actions.

Fast forward into the future, I became a creative strategist, visionary artist, designer and a children's book author, working with clients such as Disney, FOX, Sony Games, General Electric, NIKE, The Boy & Girls Clubs of America and many others. My client work became for me a very powerful platform where I can make a positive impact, and influence the lives and minds of CHILDREN so that they can see and envision a positive future for themselves and for our planet.

One of my recent clients, the P.A.L Foundation, a local educational non-profit whose mission is to save TREES, hired me to create an entire edu-tainment campaign for children to teach them about the importance of trees and why should we take care of them. The campaign is called TREE STAR. What I like so much about this particular campaign, is that it incorporates education, powerful visuals and compelling storytelling to enroll children to take immediate action and care for our trees, which by the way are responsible for the oxygen we breath...

You can see the project on their website here:

I hope that wherever you are on this planet, and whatever line of work you do, you do take into consideration the importance of the value and role model that YOU personally carry as a human being, and as a potential source of inspiration for CHILDREN.

If you want a precise prediction of the future of our planet, take a look on what we teach, how we inspire and what kind of entertainment we produce for children today. This is the mental material they will be utilizing to shape the future of our planet, just like each and every one of us is the product of what we were exposed to as children.

And I would like leave you with this powerful quote by Edmund Burke:"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."

Thank you for caring, and keep up the great work!

~Baruch Inbar.

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Just amazing body of work in this man.. plans to option or manage his work to get it all animated this year and only using AI Animation, AI Voice, foley, score and sound effect, and additional and modified writing.

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