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Why I wrote SNURTLE, and why I’m giving you a FREE ebook

I would like start by sharing with you a little personal story.

From the age of 8 until the age of 18, I was raised in the foster system in Israel. It doesn’t take much to figure out that ANY child who is not raised by their own biological parents, is greatly challenged on many levels. So was I.

My biggest challenge as a foster child was to cultivate an inner sense of belonging to a place where I could feel safe, accepted and loved. It is also true that many children who are actually raised by their own parents, not necessarily have that inner sense of belonging and feeling loved and accepted.

Throughout the years, I met many such individuals, who not only struggled as children to fit into society, but also keep struggling as adults to fit in.

That made me realize that in each and everyone of us, still lives that little child who subconsciously years to feel special, loved and accepted for who they are – without being judged or ridiculed.

In our age of mass social media, many individuals are concerned about embracing their own individuality, and as a result they “borrow” certain standards and attributes from others, whom they admire and feel represent for them what it means to be a successful human being in the modern world.

That may work for some time, but for the long run – a person will eventually realize that they live in a lie. There is no bigger pain for a human being than to feel that they are not being themselves. The pain of being inauthentic and artificial is very costly and lead to depression and lack of sense of fulfillment in life.

This is exactly why I decided to write my children’s book SNURTLE, which is the story of a boy who is born to a mom snail and a dad turtle, into a strict and rigid society that does not embrace diversity and uniqueness. Therefore, SNURTLE and his parents are forced to leave their home and life behind, and embark on an epic adventure on their search for a new home and a loving community, that will love and accept them the way they are.

While writing the book I thought to myself, well if people don’t get that empowerment and encouragement to love and accept themselves from their own families or society, perhaps they an get that from my book, SNURTLE.

Imagine if each and every child in the world would grow up embracing their own uniqueness, individuality and their own gifts, how different and better our world would be, and moreover: how much pain and suffering we would spare from humanity.

Frederick Douglass once said: “It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men”. I hope that my little book SNURTLE (which I am gifting you for FREE as a download – link below) will inspire you to embrace your own uniqueness, your own gifts and your own individuality – and truly LOVE yourself and also pass it on to others.

I will end with the last line from SNURTLE: “Whoever you are is perfect and true, so stick with those who think this way too!”.

Download your free ebook of SNURTLE by clicking HERE.

Kind regards,

Baruch “SNURTLE” Inbar.

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